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Founder of Gator Painter & Repairs, Garry Veitenheimer, has been working in the construction industry for over 35 years both in Florida and New Jersey. His background includes performing maintenance, remodeling, and renovations on homes and light commercial buildings, as well as working in the general and underground utilities industry for county governments and city municipalities. Garry's experience ranges from interior and exterior painting, installing additions, windows, doors, railings, ceramic tile, sheetrock and trim, kitchen and bathrooms.

Garry has now teamed up with Tami Beckel to perform painting and repairs on both "Haunted" and "Non-Haunted" properties.
Is Paranormal Activity Real
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We are looking for
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Estate Sales program.

Tami Beckel is the Founder of one of the largest paranormal investigative teams in the state of Florida. They have the ability to bring an entire team of seasoned investigators into your home  to investigate your potential paranormal activity to help you determine if your home is indeed a "Haunted House"  and where the activity may be stemming from.

Key West Paranormal Society (K.W.P.S.) now has divisions located throughout Florida, Ohio, New Jersey, New York, Michigan and South Carolina. We also have a Division specializing in negative entities or dark hauntings.
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Tamara J. Beckel is a Licensed Real Estate Broker who began her real estate career in 1992 and through the years she has served as Broker of Record for five separate real estate offices located throughout Central and South Florida offering real estate sales, property management, and short sales specialization services. She is also an experienced Paranormal Investigator and today she is proud to offer her Paranormal Renovations and Real Estate Services to you with over 20 years of real estate experience and over a decade of paranormal investigating experience backing her.

Tami Beckel is also the Founder and Director of Key West Paranormal Society.
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